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Glowing Ring from The Lord of The Rings

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Ever thought of yourself being the master and putting on the ring? Well here's your chance, this replica of The One Ring has a special fluorescent material around it which makes it glow in the dark giving it an epic look and making the inscription stick out even more.

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Surface width: 8mm
Weight: 5-10g

Size 06 = Diameter 16mm = Perimeter 50.24mm
Size 07 = Diameter 17mm = Perimeter 53.38mm
Size 08 = Diameter 18mm = Perimeter 56.52mm
Size 09 = Diameter 19mm = Perimeter 59.66mm
Size 10 = Diameter 20mm = Perimeter 62.80mm
Size 11 = Diameter 21mm = Perimeter 65.94mm
Size 12 = Diameter 22mm = Perimeter 69.08mm

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Size: 6, Size: 7, Size: 8, Size: 9, Size: 10, Size: 11, Size: 12


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